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SCOPH is a forum for active discussion for medical students who work together to improve the public's awareness, encourage them to take on healthy life styles and get rid of wrong health beliefs, which are the major factors in most health issues that we face in our country.

In Egypt, we deeply believe in the vital role that should be played by the Public Health sector and are compelled to and concerned with all issues that affect Public Health. The SCOPH team gathers medical students from many universities all over Egypt. Together we work hand in hand for the good of the public’s health and to promote public awareness.


Our mission is to offer Egypt’s future physicians a comprehensive introduction to public health issues, who will in turn improve public health awareness. We are dedicated to try to influence the public health status in Egypt.


Through SCOPH, medical students work together to improve our public health status. We are equipped with the basic health awareness information that will help us to be productive in our communities and strive to implement seeds for “prevention is better than cure” lifestyle amongst various strata in our community. Egypt’s SCOPH team is determined to establish and implement strategies for different public health related barriers in Egypt.

Local public health officer (LPO):

Nesma Ghareib

E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it